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What To Pack For The Maldives

Most resorts are quite casual, so light clothing should be adequate at most times – you may also want to take a thin rain jacket in the event of the occasional squall. You’ll need appropriate beach wear and possibly some suitable clothing to be used as evening wear at the resorts.

Clothes aside, here are some additional things that you may want to take with you when you travel to the Maldives:


· Sun cream

· Mosquito repellent

· Rucksack for day trips

· Torch

· First aid kit

· Diving certificates if you intend to dive

· Sunglasses & cap

· Money belt for excursions

· Photographic equipment & camera & camcorder

· Electricity adaptor 

Some resorts do not provide TV facilities (usually on purpose) so you may also want to pack a few books & magazines just in case.

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