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Biyadhoo Island Resort Maldives

 Biyadhoo, situated on the Kaafu Atoll (South Male Atoll), is a four star resort offering a total of 96 rooms. The resort is highly regarded as a good place for scuba diving and snorkeling. It is certainly an island for those looking for water sports and activity in addition to the spectacular scenery that the Maldives offers.


Boduhithi Island Resort Maldives

 This club style resort with over 80 rooms is a particular favourite with Italian clientele. As you would expect, this means a high number of available activities and all the fine Italian dining you can handle. The staff - not surprisingly - are also predominantly Italian.

Boduhithi is located in the North Atoll (Kaafu) and has an official rating of four stars.


Bolifushi Island Resort Maldives

Located in the South Male Atoll, about 12km Southwest of Male, this 4 star rated resort has three types of rooms to offer the discerning guest - Boli, Beach Villa and Water Villa.

The facilities are good and offer activities such as scuba diving, snorkelling and many more. There is also a good Spa.


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