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Health & Safety For The Traveller

Given the huge number of resorts (many of them four and five stars) in the Maldives, itís a relatively safe place to visit, health-wise. Visitors are advised to get immunisations for Diphtheria, Tetanus, Polio, Hepatitis A & Hepatitis B and those that intend to dive should get a medical check prior to going.

In addition to this, ensure that your general health is good prior to travel and consider taking a basic medical kit (although most resorts have adequate facilities to treat minor problems that may occur).

Dining in the resorts is usually very safe. The well known resorts have very high standards with regards to the quality of food offered and most employ highly skilled professional chefs to prepare meals for guests. The only time you may be at slightly higher risk is when eating in individual places such as Cafes in Male (though even these places are generally fine). Make sure that you drink only bottled water during your stay.


Some of the common health problems that may occur to travellers include heatstroke/exhaustion, motion sickness and sunburn. Some infectious diseases may include fungal infections, diarrhoea & hepatitis. Some diseases may also be spread through insects, such as Malaria & Dengue fever. Also, be careful when spending time in the water itís possible to pick up cuts, bites & stings.


The Climate In The Maldives

  The Maldives enjoys a tropical climate which means its temperature tends to stay between 25 & 32 degrees c. The optimum time to go tends to be between December band April (this is supported by the higher prices during these times) because this is when the weather is most calm and has the least rainfall.


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