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How To Get To The Maldives

The Landing Airstrip At Male Airport - An Island In Itself

Almost all visitors get to the Maldives via plane typically, they arrive in Male, the capital from their port of departure and from there will be transferred to their resort. Transfers are usually via seaplane or speedboat. Given the stunning scenery itís always advisable to arrive by seaplane where possible the views of the islands from the air are nothing short of spectacular. When researching resorts and prices itís worth remembering that some packages will be quoted with transfers built into the price while others will not. Transfers can be quite pricey.

Some resorts are located quite close to the airport in Male transfer times can be under 20 minutes while other resorts further away may take an hour or even two to reach depending on the type of transfer. Keep in mind that after travelling a long distance on a flight, the last thing that youíll want to do is spend a further couple of hours on a speedboat.

A Sea-plane Transfer Offers A Sensational Chance To See The Beautiful Islands From The Skies


Actual View Of An Island From A Sea-Plane

If your transfer is not via seaplane it is possible to ride in a seaplane during your stay Ė and get some stunning photos of the islands and atolls from high above.


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