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Activities In The Maldives

The Maldives offers itís guests a huge range of activities & recreation and depending on the resort that you choose you may get to sample a few or all of them.

Here are the main ones:

Diving - The Maldives is a divers paradise, and there are options available to choose any and all levels of experience. Almost all resorts offer diving facilities of some kind and some even have their own diving schools and centres. Some resorts offer a house reef to guests this can be used from the beach itself.

The optimum time to go to the Maldives for diving is between January and April as these periods offer the most placid seas, calmest weather and clearest waters for the best visibility.

Remember to bring your C-Card (diving certification card) and log book as diving centres will certainly ask to check them.

Itís also possible to experience diving safaris in the Maldives a chance to visit various diving sites, resorts, islands and villages.

More experienced divers may wish to participate in night-time diving where many different types of marine life can be seen, or consider taking some underwater photography.

Island Hopping - One of the most fascinating trips available in the Maldives. Island hopping allows guests to experience life in an isolated Maldivian island. Most of the resorts offer island half or full day island excursions.

Sometimes, the island hopping excursion may be included in your package although this is an optional extra in many resorts. Typically, the visitors are transported to certain uninhabited islands to laze away on the beaches, perhaps enjoy a beach barbeque and do some snorkelling.

Night Fishing - What if you had to catch your dinner? This is exactly what happens in many resorts that offer night fishing. The guests are taken in a dhoni (boat) each with the tools required to catch their own fish those that do catch something appropriate can have it prepared for dinner by the resort chefs.

With Night Fishing You Set Off In A Dhoni Just Before Sunset To Catch As Many Fish As You Can (You Can Eat Them For Dinner Too!)


Water Sports - Many resorts offer excellent water sports facilities such as surfing, wind-surfing, catamaran sailing, water skiing & parasailing. In many resorts there are additional fees for tuition & use of facilities/equipment so if you plan on doing a lot of these activities check what the prices are as some resorts do offer guests free use of these facilities.


Canoeing - Many resorts offer canoe rentals although this type of boat is more suited for guests who wish to go around their own lagoons. For safety reasons itís usually not possible to use canoes to travel longer distances (for instance going to another island).


Land Based Sports - Depending on the individual resort there are some sports that guests can indulge in. Many resorts offer badminton, beach volleyball, tennis and even soccer (the quality of facilities vary with many of the upper-end resorts offering floodlit pitches). Some resorts offer squash courts. Most offer some type of games room with Carrom, ping pong, pool and a variety of board games for those wishing to expend less energy.


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